6 Things to Consider When Integrating Team Tools with an Enterprise Agile Planning Platform

Software development teams and their tools have a relationship similar to that of drivers and their race cars: when they find the one they like, they stick with it. Sure, they might add new components or upgrade old ones that have aged out. They might even try out a new […]

AgileCraft Introduces The Lean Portfolio Manifesto: A Conversation Starter

As agilists, one of our primary drivers is to continuously improve the outcomes of our work. This often means stepping back, taking a critical look at the impact our way of working has on our outcomes, and participating in an inspired, passionate debate about ways to improve them. Every now […]

Build Scale with Strength: Creating an Agile Program Management Powerhouse (part 2)

Last week, I talked about my Grandpa’s “powerhouse” workshop, how AgileCraft models its “powerhouse” program management features after the way he carefully thought about the most efficient way of getting work done and how his careful creation of this work environment inspired me.  We’ve developed these features over the years, […]