Human Behaviour consuming entertainment content and interacting with it

Yasmin Akay is the Managing Director of Divimove’s Production and Strategy Studio, Europe’s leading digital studio and home for digital content creators. One of Divimove’s strengths is to provide comprehensive strategic consulting to brands, broadcasters and platforms in the video sector. Before joining Redseven Entertainment as Chief Digital Officer, Yasmin […]

Webinar: Prioritizing with Cost of Delay

Recording of the webinar with agile42 Coach Niels Verdonk from June 30, 2020. Whether it is for large initiatives or items on the product backlog, prioritizing work is something many organizations are struggling with. Some choices will have different impacts for certain stakeholders. Often it is hard to keep things […]

Webinar: Starting a Scrum Team

As with Scrum in general, starting a team is easy to understand but difficult to master. In this webinar recorded on June 11, 2020, agile42 coach Elrich Faul will run you through the finer points of starting a team. Starting a team is not just explaining Scrum and proclaiming: “Go!”. […]