Webinar: Diagnosing and changing organizational culture

Webinar: Diagnosing and changing organizational culture

Webinar recorded on June 5th, 2020, with agile42 coach Konrad Pogorzala.

One of the main aspects of any agile transformation program is cultural change. During times of working from home it’s even more important than ever.

Based on the 1st Principle of ORGANIC agility “Increase Cultural Awareness and Coherence”, the main challenge is how to understand your organizational culture and how to create coherence based on shared principles without losing diversity.

In this webinar I would like to share my experiences of using the Competing Values Framework, developed by Robert Quinn and Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan. This framework gives us a model with the purpose to help change agents to identify effective ways of diagnosing and changing culture in order to enhance organisational performance.

As a concrete example I will share a story of agile transformation @Siemens / Digital Factory / Factory Automation / Automation Systems where I was active as an agile coach in the last few years.

Read the related success story: https://www.agile42.com/en/references/success-stories/siemens-digital-factory/

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