Webinar Replay: Your Platform Is Burning

Successful change requires a burning platform message that can get people energized to participate in solving the problem.
Successful change requires a problem that can be shared with the organization.
In case you missed it, we just wrapped up our #SlinkyThink Sessions Vol 019 | Your Platform is Burning.  If you’re new to our #SlinkyThink webinars, our webinar replays are accessible for free at belithe.thinkific.com.

The metaphor “Burning Platform” was coined by Daryl Conner after watching a news clip about the Piper Alpha North Sea oil rig catastrophe in 1988.  While the metaphor has stuck, the image and message often doesn’t often align with the original intent. 

In this webinar replay, we:

  • define what a burning platform is.
  • discuss the pros & cons of using the metaphor of burning platform.
  • look at an alternative to the burning platform.

Click here to check out the video replay.  If you’d prefer, you can breeze through the transcript by clicking here.


The topic for the next #SlinkyThink Session on May 26th is Exploring Digital Transformation Models.  We’re going to explore when changes are required, do you fly by the seat of your pants or do you pick a change model?

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