Project Manager vs Scrum Master – Stop Comparing

Difference between project manager and scrum master. This is very popular comparison but why do we compare and what goes behind this comparison? These are 2 different roles originated from 2 different process frameworks. It is like goalkeeper in football vs full-back in Rugby. When goalkeepers change to Rugby and start mapping old role in new game, imagine what will happen? Goalkeeper will start playing football in Rugby. 


When change game, learn new rules from scratch to get deeper insights to do job better. If you find Scrum Master job interesting then do it else there are 2 more roles to play in Scrum. 


This is my learning after observing many many teams to understand why we waterfall within scrum. So what I did? Stop comparing and stop teaching in Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner (PSM & PSPO) class. After all, I don’t need to learn swimming to learn running just because my trainer always compare swimmers vs runners to make me understand the benefits of running. I changed my trainer 😊


Tried recoding video too but writing blog is still easy than recording and I look funny in video 😩 Please share your feedback as it helps me to improve and do job better next time.


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